Our history

José Díaz García began his professional career in 1957 with the acquisition of his first truck Seddon, which would come his nickname for many years, in which he is dedicated to the transport and sale of aggregates, extending his business little by little through the acquisition Of heavy machinery and expansion of its fleet of trucks, but always with very clear ideas of customer service, fulfillment of commitment and quality in the execution.

At the beginning of the eighties, this small company of earth movements adopts other lines of business with the execution of civil works and urbanizations.

In the year 1987 the company happens to become JOSE DIAZ GARCIA, S.A. Starting from a small transformation, from small constructions in the zone of the Spanish uprising to expand its scope of action to the whole national territory and expanding its areas of activity with the construction of commercial centers, large urbanizations, residential, industrial and commercial developments, As well as different public works and numerous building projects.

During this journey the human group that forms the company is enlarged, incorporating a multitude of professionals specialized in each one of the areas, such as engineers, architects or economists, who form an ingrained human group that makes possible their daily activity.

Nowadays, this second-generation family-run company, which maintains its full capital in the Diaz family, continues to carry out all types of projects, always being faithful to its business principles and having the experience that is accredited due to its already 60 Years in the market.

It is for this company pride to continue to maintain the name of its founder, which we carry as an emblem since its values of honesty and seriousness are still present.