Corporate Social Responsibility


In José Díaz García, S.A. Corporate Social Responsibility is included in our strategic plan and of course in our daily work. Social and environmental concerns are always present. We work to achieve a real commitment to social cohesion, professional ethics, occupational safety and health and respect for the environment, so that we can contribute from our company to sustainable development and respect the surrounding environment.


Commitment to Occupational Safety and Health

We strive every day to ensure that all our activities are carried out while maintaining the highest level of occupational safety and health. To this end, we are committed to providing all our workers with a safe and stable environment, to permanently update the occupational risk prevention measures and to fully respect the regulations applicable in this matter in all the places where we carry out our activities .


The human factor

From the beginning, in the 60's, human capital has been a fundamental factor for the success of José Díaz García, S.A. Integration and respect are part of our philosophy. Our interest in training, the integral development of our professionals, as well as their well-being and degree of reconciliation of personal and professional life, allows us to have a team that is more motivated and committed to the evolution and development of our company every day.

We are aware that our greatest asset is our personnel, and in the desire to improve, we have been certified ISO 9001 since 2007.


Commitment to the environment

From José Díaz García S.A. We are aware of the environment and in all our projects the current regulations are respected to generate the least impact in the environment that surrounds us. We have an Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001 as a sign of our commitment to it.

Regeneration of polluted spaces, artificial reefs and alternative energies are works of which we feel especially pleased to have carried out. They are projects oriented to improve the environment in which we are and in which our company is very satisfied to be able to participate in its development.

We believe in building a better world where the natural environment has to be of outstanding importance.