Quality policy
and Environment


JOSÉ DÍAZ GARCÍA, S.A. wants to manifest its commitment to customer service and respect for the environment through an Integrated System of Quality and Environment which has in accordance with the requirements of the International Standards ISO 9001 and 14001, in civil works construction services and activities and building. Construction of civil works associated with high and low voltage installations, as well as hydraulic installations; water supply and sanitation, mechanical and special installations


The Management of JOSÉ DÍAZ GARCÍA, SA, assumes the commitment to market products and services that meet the requirements of its customers, with the highest quality according to their needs and expectations and always taking into account respect for the Environment and the prevention of pollution. The Directorate plans and directs all the processes that make up the activity of the organization, ensuring the adequacy, effectiveness and continuous improvement of the Integrated System of Quality Management and the Environment.


The quality and environment policy will be disclosed to all personnel of JOSÉ DÍAZ GARCÍA, S.A., and to any organization or interested party interested in knowing it.


The management of quality and the environment is an objective and a responsibility of all the staff of JOSÉ DÍAZ GARCÍA, S.A., and covers all activities related to it, establishing the following general objectives:


Comply with the legal regulations and regulations applicable to the work carried out at JOSÉ DÍAZ GARCÍA, S.A. and to the activities carried out in the company that are related to its environmental aspects, and to comply with the requirements of the clients and the commitments that the company acquires.
Maintain a permanent and fluid communication with the clients to attend to their needs and correct the possible defects of conception or inadequacy of the project to the reality of the work and its subsequent commissioning.
Continuously improve the quality in the execution of our works, covering their needs and expectations with efficiency, productivity and commitment, so that we differentiate ourselves from our competitors, with the permanent interest to evolve towards the continuous improvement of our processes.
Promote the conservation of resources, adopting processes that reduce the use of natural resources, promoting the reduction, reuse or recycling of waste, as well as taking into account the life cycle of the products.
Review the quality and environmental policy for its continuous adaptation to the activities of JOSÉ DÍAZ GARCÍA, S.A. and its environmental aspects.
Perform a permanent monitoring of the results obtained through the Environmental and Quality Management, for which, we have delegated all the necessary authority in our Quality and environment department. This monitoring is the basis for achieving continuous improvement of environmental performance and the effectiveness of the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management system and the prevention of pollution.
Motivate and train staff in their professional development, enhancing their attitude of teamwork, internal communication and personalized attention to them, so that they are involved and feel integrated in the achievement of quality and environmental management, granting the necessary responsibilities and authority.
Establish the necessary mechanisms to prevent and minimize pollution and environmental impact in the development of our activities, identifying and evaluating the aspects that may have significant impact on the environment, planning for it the operational controls necessary to ensure responsible action from the start of each process and throughout its development.
Maintain a continuous collaboration with our suppliers, so that our quality and environmental requirements are clear.
This policy will serve as the basis for the implementation of periodic objectives in terms of quality and the Environment, to which an adequate follow-up will be carried out.